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Aristos Andras

The Best of Men

Autore: Enrico (Harry) Andreani
€ 16,00

Are you interested in knowing the formula of a new and revolutionary force that has the power to change the world as you know it today?
Do you fancy discovering the secret of true love, that ineffable feeling that seems so far away from any tangible depiction of its representations?
What if one man, underpinning the culprit of human’s morality, his thoughts and his actions, has those questions as his calling to answer?
The whole reality of life is a labyrinth of mathematical encodes that are awaiting to be uncovered, deciphered and brought to life by those who are truly worthy of appreciating their complexities and of treasuring their essentiality.  
This novel will escort you to the parallel dimension that lies between the present day and the future of the third millennium, where the covert veil that shields the secret laws of scientific progress is gradually lifted before your eyes.
Alexander Pierce, Director of Operations at one of the world’s best companies in the renewable energy sector, will take you through an ordeal of unanticipated events that ultimately will lead to whole new conceptions of existence and life itself.
Are you canny enough to bide this novel through? Are you willing to travel from London (UK) to Boston (USA) and further to Lisbon (Portugal) while handling mathematical and metaphysical brain teasers that will stimulate your thinking on the true purpose of ethics and morality?

Take up the challenge and let the best of men guide you through this exciting book.